Thank you to everyone who participated in my first ever give-away.  A HUGE thank you to Patti from Easton Place Designs.  Patti tweeted her little heart out to spread the word.  I appreciate all of you gals and guys.. (yes, Mr. K you were the ONLY brave man to enter, I think you are fabulous!).  Hopefully I will have another fun give-away when I reach my next milestone.  I may even make-up a new milestones like..oooh, I haven’t blogged while drinking wine in over a week or The Wild Man made it an entire day without breaking something in my house.  It may just be something simple like I had 200 people read my blog in one day.

On to the important stuff.  We had lots of entries and I added those of you who friended me or made a comment but forgot to make a note in the comment section, which explains the 37 entries I used for


Cathy Dunsby is our WINNER!  Congratulations Cathy!  Her comment was #22 on the give-away blog post and I have to tell you she worked this contest like an old lady at a flea market.  She covered all her bases, facebook friend, commented on my blog, she is a HUGE fan of Easton Place Design so I know this gift certificate will be put to good use.  Cathy had good Karma today so ENJOY!

Thank you again to everyone for reading, I appreciate your support.

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