The General wanted to sit on his duff and go to Florida this year for vacation, but I wanted something cheaper and closer. We decided DC was a nice quick 5 hour drive from CT and would be great for the kids. Then I had the brilliant idea to invite my parents. The General was “surprised” by this development because my parents, especially my father, are not the most laid back people you will ever meet. We lived on a different coast for a decade so I invited my parents on vacation. It was the right thing to do and we had a great time even though I may have had a couple of extra cocktails on the trip to cope. So we met the folks in DC for a patriotic good time.

Before OSHA and my father arrived in the city, The General took us on a forced march. Off to the White House, Jefferson Memorial and World War II memorial (which was my personal favorite by the way). Our first stop was in Lafayette Park to take pictures in front of the White House.

The Chick and her Chicklets

The General and crew

On our way out of the park we saw a beautiful statue of American Revolutionary Hero General Comte de Rochambeau. The General immediately dragged the kids up for a picture.

Rock - Paper-Sissors

The General and kids thought this was hilarious. Absolutely side-splitting funny. Ro! Cham! Beau! All the federal employees walking around thought we were idiot tourists. Check and check on that one.

By the way there is another definition for Rochambeau in the Urban Dictionary. It states Rochambeau is: “A nut-kicking contest, usually performed between two males, taking turns to see who can take the most kicks in the nuts.” I am very grateful The General did not re-enact this little diddy for the photo. I have enough problems with the Pampered Poochie and her affinity for privates. Besides, the last thing I need is for The Wild One to learn about nut-kicking.


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