This puppy here – she healed my heart.

Libby the Labradoodle

The General let me get this little girl about four years ago after my heart was broken when we had to put down my first baby (please note, the actual baby in the picture below was not put down).

Ranger...was always helpful

Ranger was this huge chocolate lab, with obviously terrible table manners.  We loved him.  I loved him the most.  He stood watch over all three babies as they slept in their cribs.  He barked at EVERYTHING ( I may not miss that actually).  He loved us unconditionally and he was all lab.  I had three little kids but I was very lonely without him.  So I did some research and we drove to Oregon one summer and picked up our Designer Dog – Libby Lu the Labradoodle.  Now the General was very good about the whole thing.  You need to remember Ranger was a manly dog…even his name was manly.  Libby, she is a girly dog, in fact we are not sure she is a dog at all.  She does weird stuff like this….

Lounging on the BACK of my couch...

We think she may be a cat.

She also requires days at the Salon.

After the Salon

The General likes to have her all pretty like.

She also has a very bad habit…it’s really nothing I should share in polite company…but you know I will.  Libby should grow up to be a gynecologist because she gives every chick that walks through our front door a full annual exam.  It’s so embarrassing …but Libby she just goes for it… she has no shame.

Besides the sniffing problem, and former incontinence problem (oh Lord, please let it continue to be former), the sitting on all my furniture and the sleeping on top of me in my bed issues she is really a wonderful dog.  Oh, and she has a bionic knee…long story but that dog costs more than a new car.  I love that darn preppy designer puppy, she healed my broken heart.

Libby Love...wait a minute where has that tongue been????


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