My oldest child.  He is special.  They are all special and all equally loved (no matter what everyone says, I do NOT love the Wild One more, he just needs more hugs sometimes).  My oldest child, oldest son, he was a challenge to bring into this world.  A story for a different day because sometimes it is too hard to write about what he and I endured over 12 years ago.  He was born wise, with an Old Soul.  He was born joyous when most kids would be angry.  So this kid is special not because he was born with a bum heart, or eyes that give him trouble, or a brain that makes learning a little harder than the other kids.  My Old Soul is special because he is smart, and capable and hilarious.  He is just like his younger sister and brother, but this boy has to work ten times harder for it each day so he is my inspiration.  I challenge all of you to walk in his flip flops.  It will make you see the world with new eyes and open heart because he is happy every day and never complains.  Honestly, can we say the same for ourselves?  I know I can’t so he is special because he makes me better and most importantly very proud to be his Mom.  Oh, and I have to add one more thing because he will read this..he is also a military history genius!  You want to know what tank that is – ask him, he can’t be fooled.  Curious how the civil war turned out?  He can help you with that – he is a genius!

My handsome boy single handedly brought the bow tie back into style - he rocks that thing!

Don't be fooled by the dapper photo...he would rather being playing on the computer listening to Dropkick Murphy's
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