I re-read my blog today, the entire thing, twice.  I would like to point out that I enjoy giving my husband a hard time because he can be a handful, but you do all realize I adore the guy, right?  He is my biggest supporter, the dude behind the chick so to speak.  Just wanted to put that out there in case you all had the wrong impression.  We aren’t perfect so sometimes this marriage thing isn’t pretty but we are honest with one another, I think that is why it works.  I have said it before and I stand by it, perfect is boring and folks this family is not boring.

I also realized that you hear a lot about the Wild One and the Old Soul on this here blog.  There is one in the middle, and without her I would be lost.  The Little Mother is my sanity.  This young lady has always been the center to us.  She centered my ragged soul when she entered this world.  I really had been beating myself up over her older brother and was very focused on him, probably too focused.  Then the Little Mother arrived and she made me a better mother.  Do I sound dramatic?  Probably, but honestly that little creature calmed me down because she was just this content little person.  Her brother was smitten, I was smitten and don’t even get me started on The General.  He is still wrapped around this little girl’s finger.  When the Wild One was born he was drawn to her and her sweet gentle disposition. He still crawls into her bed so he can get a snuggle and she will read him a book.

I have been very careful to let her show me the way.  My sister was the middle and I think she felt overlooked, maybe even pushed out of the way when I entered the world.  So I talk to my sister to make sure I am giving the middle child what she needs, so my little girl will feel loved and important.  I won’t lie to you, I love the fact that I have a little girl to take shopping and to the salon.  I love watching Shirley Temple marathons with her in my big bed and have a “NO BOYS ALLOWED” sign on the door.  I won’t lie because having a little girl is wonderful.  To my friends with all boys, I have a rental program if you need a girl for the day.  She is easy to have around, she just needs a little girl talk and attention and she is happy.

She is so different from her brothers.  She has been different from the beginning.  The boys always wanted to sleep with us.  Little Mother was in her own room and happy about it at four months – I was in shock.  She still prefers her own space and sleeping alone.  She is stubborn in the sweetest way, in a determined way. The boys are in their own little world, but the Little Mother listens, watches and observes everything.  I always know I am speaking to an audience even when she is in another room.

The boys are goofy and stinky and full of thoughts of weapons and warplay.  The Little Mother is still working on her comedy routine.  She is trying out sarcasm currently, which is not always pleasant, but we are proud she is finding her voice even when it involves an eye roll.  She loves music and dance and art.  She writes poems and songs and has no problem performing in front of a full auditorium.  The Little Mother is our chef and party organizer (chef is obviously from Dad, party organizer is from yours truly).

The Little Mother looks a lot like me.  I am always amazed at this comparison and wonder if it bothers her.  You see, I have always thought my daughter was angelically beautiful.  I would stare at her perfect little face for hours when she was little, shocked that we had made her.  When I was younger, I never felt pretty, don’t get all in a bunch about my self-esteem, I am fine I was just this huge gangly kid and there was NOTHING delicate about me.  So when people compare her to me I don’t see it.  I just see her.  I think that is what she wants, to be her own person.

This young lady has been stuck in the middle for over six years now.  When I told our pediatrician that our third child was going to be a boy he said something I found to be very true.  “I’m glad you are having a boy because this one here (pointing to the Little Mother), she will need to be in charge of the one ahead of her and the one behind”.  He was a wise doctor and absolutely correct.  For this family the Little Mother isn’t the middle, she is our center.

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