I want to be honest.  My kids, all three, were not pretty talkers when they were little.  In fact all three had speech therapy for a LONG TIME.  Since my beautiful Mother told me I spoke perfectly at the early age of 10 months I am going to throw this over to the General’s side of the family.  It’s what we do …throw the other family under the bus in trying to understand our children and their imperfections (oh don’t look at me like that… you know you all do it too).  So it’s the General’s fault they don’t talk pretty because I have been told I was a perfect child until I got that surfer boyfriend in high school.

So the Wild One was talking to me from the other room today and this is what I heard.  “Mommy, SEX is a very big deal”.   I stayed very calm, because honestly he could have heard this statement from multiple sources, so I was trying to act cool and not do the Mommy crazy talk.  So I asked the Wild One to repeat himself.  Sweet boy walks in, holding his newly purchased 1000+ piece Lego Power Miner toy he just put together, and looks at me very seriously.  He replies, “I said these big SETS are a very big deal!”

Thank God ..it was only a Lego conversation.  Soon I am sure we’ll be talking about sex, drugs, and every other scary thing on the planet.  Today he is just proud he put together a HUGE Lego toy.  Now about that lisp..may be time to put him back in thewapy.


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