5 Rules for Working with your Spouse

This past year I went back to work.  I will admit, it was not by choice but it was the right thing to do.  It’s actually an amazing gig.  I work during “school hours” (I know, I actually work whenever I can fit in a few minutes but these are my “office hours”).  I telecommute from my home office and don’t have to miss my kids’ activities or nurse emergency.. Read More

Social Media Monday – To Tweet or Not To Tweet

People get freaked out by Twitter.  Overwhelmed by the thought of writing a Tweet.  Once it’s out there, they get cold sweats because they finally Tweeted or is it Twat (no seriously, people have asked me this question).  People ask me simple questions like “What’s a Hashtag?” (# by the way) “How do I tweet a person” (@twitter name).  Most importantly, “Why should I care about Twitter?”  Here is my.. Read More

Social Media Monday – Darien Social

I am starting another new feature here on the Chick, Social Media Monday.  Many times people ask me “Why on earth do I need Facebook (.. or Twitter… or Pinterest).  The short answer is you don’t, you absolutely do not need it.  The long answer is, Social Media is everywhere and if you own a business, have kids and want to stay up to date in your skills for a.. Read More

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