Chick Tune Tuesday – September 2015

Happy Back To School Everyone! As usual, I spent our summer 24/7 with my kids.  Carpools, summer jobs, swim meets, water polo tournaments and hours of tennis filled our days.  I soak up every minute I have with these humans I helped create because, as Bjarne Reuter said, “Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up”.  We had a lot of fun, which hopefully will give them the gift of fond memories… Read More

Chick Tunes: February 2014

Another snow day.  Lord help me, I love my children but two snow days in the same week seems like cruel and unusual punishment.  I have been catching up on work all day and listening to the monthly playlist. It’s time to try something a little different. It’s not perfect, but let’s give it a try. I am moving playlists over to Spotify. I know, I know, you need to.. Read More

Chick Tunes Tuesday – Shazam

I love my iPhone.  If I had to choose between one of the kids and my phone… well I would choose my kid but it wouldn’t be easy.  One of my favorite apps is Shazam. You all know my love for music, but I have the memory of a 40+ woman so sometimes a girl needs a little help.  I love to tag songs that I know I won’t remember.. Read More

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