Dear Kids

Our kids started back to school last week.  The husband and I decided to update the kids on our lonely days without them via Instagram.  I pulled together all the posts and made a You Tube video (my first!).  I am quite convinced my 11 year old is better at this you tube business, but I think it’s not half bad for my first attempt. Enjoy! Kathryn

Back-to-School Training

The countdown is on. In less than two weeks the school year will begin. As I sit here organizing my Fall calendar (who needs free time between 3pm – 9pm, not this girl) I realize my kids aren’t ready. These kids are getting soft. I mean every day they swam at the pool, hung out with their friends and played tennis. These marshmallows had unfettered access to technology and the.. Read More

Becoming a Mother

14 years ago today I became a mother.  I was a mother in the truest sense of the word months before, but my little man decided to join us on this day in 1998. My sweet boy and I fought like hell to get him here.  My first pregnancy was one for the books, and not the glowing pregnant lady books.  No, my first pregnancy was for the book you.. Read More

Mother Roar – Quitting Time

My children are in 7th, 5th and 2nd grade.  Excellent spacing if I say so myself.  I have had over a decade of glue sticks and safety scissors.  A decade of perfect valentine’s and hand-made teacher gifts. As a new Mom a lot was out of my control.  Life is out of your control as a Mom, I think we all realized that quickly.  We moved to Washington State when.. Read More

Mother Roar

Last week I had a data dump about how people treat my oldest child. My family always flips out when I post these kind of updates. They worry someone has hurt the Old Soul or his mother. It is never one incident or person that pushes me over the edge, pushing me to put my thoughts to paper (or blog). Sometimes I just need to get it out of my.. Read More

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