March Madness: A photo-a-day!

Join the Madness!!!  If you remember, Patti Wunder (the amazing Easton Place Designs) and I started a “Photo-a-Day” project for the 2012 calendar called the 366 Project. Our only rule: post a photo every day of 2012. We thought we’d shake things up a bit (read:  Kathryn needs motivation to stay on track) and add a March Madness Challenge. You can participate in this challenge regardless of if you’re part of the 366 Project or not! Grab your camera or cell phone, and join the fun! Simply take a photo each day of March using the subject topics below. Then post your photo to our Flickr Group each day. Simple! Feel free to copy the chart below and post it on your blog if you like. Please give credit and be sure to invite your readers back to this blog and Easton Place Designs blog.

Why a 366 Project?

I decided to do a “photo a day” and start this 366 Project for many reasons. My first reason? I needed something to re-engage me with my blog. Last year was very stressful and unfortunately when I am stressed I get writers block. Actually it’s more like “I can’t open the floodgates” block. I prefer humor to depressing, I mean honestly don’t we all? I am known for my ability to find the funny at the most stressful of times. I believe my old therapist called it an avoidance technique. Whatever. Sadly even I couldn’t throw out a good boob joke or inappropriate geriatric schtick over the past few months. My brain was full of all this annoying grown-up stuff and my funny dried up. So I decided posting a picture a day on Flickr and then here weekly was a nice way to get back into the pool. Photos are safe, it was the perfect project for me.

My second reason, which has been a very nice side effect of this project, is the photo scrapbook I a creating for myself and my family. 366 days of whatever is happening. No rules (I couldn’t deal with the pressure) No Themes (unless maybe the theme is living a life) Just a picture a day. It seems like a lot of work, but at the end I will have an amazing story.

We are 16 days into this project. It’s easy. I have an iPhone, three kids and a life of zero down time. My life is full of photo opportunities. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even interesting to any of you, but to me it’s part of the story. Hopefully someday soon there will be words to go with these pictures, but for now I am happy sharing my life once click at a time.

366 Project Days 10-15

Come join Patti from Easton Place Designs and I in our 366 Project. Join any time! Go to our Flickr Group and take a look.

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