March Madness: A photo-a-day!

Join the Madness!!!  If you remember, Patti Wunder (the amazing Easton Place Designs) and I started a “Photo-a-Day” project for the 2012 calendar called the 366 Project. Our only rule: post a photo every day of 2012. We thought we’d shake things up a bit (read:  Kathryn needs motivation to stay on track) and add a March Madness Challenge. You can participate in this challenge regardless of if you’re part of.. Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Days 31-38

Here are my snaps from days 31-38. Come check out our 366 Project. A picture a day for 2012. Remember, the best camera is the one you have at the moment. So grab your fancy DSLR or your phone and start clicking.

Why a 366 Project?

I decided to do a “photo a day” and start this 366 Project for many reasons. My first reason? I needed something to re-engage me with my blog. Last year was very stressful and unfortunately when I am stressed I get writers block. Actually it’s more like “I can’t open the floodgates” block. I prefer humor to depressing, I mean honestly don’t we all? I am known for my ability.. Read More

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