I will be the first to admit there is some extra plumage (ok..a whole lot of extra) on this chick.  I like to eat and need to exercise and it’s on my to do list…I swear.  I am telling you this to be honest… I am NOT a skinny chick.  Where I live, there are a LOT of skinny chicks.  There are so many skinny chicks that the closest Lane Bryant store is a half an hour drive from here – seriously shopping for a fluffy chick is rough.  To be fair, there are also a lot of salon blonds and  possibly botoxed chicks too, but I am all for a little work on the undercarriage when the need arises.  Now before you think I am being mean to my town (which I am not, just honest) you should know that I do love where we live and almost everyone I have met here has been lovely and fun and welcoming to the new girl.

So back to the skinny chicks.  You see, these gals in the work-out clothes and 1/2 caf, non-fat, sugar-free hazelnut lattes are great for those of us who actually have a snack at the coffee joint.  I lived in the Seattle area for almost a decade and we love Starbucks in the Pacific Northwest.  We also love sun-breaks and fleece, but I will save that conversation for a different day.  Now any good Pacific NW gal knows if you want the yummy snacks at Starbucks you have to go directly after school drop-off.  Otherwise the computer clicking, stay all day types, will snatch your loot.  Not here in Fairfield County, CT.  I invite all my Seattle friends to come for a visit because ladies and gentlemen the Stabucks in my town has a full pastry case ALL DAY LONG.  I have it all figured out.  The people who actually eat – they go to Dunkin’ Donuts and the people who want a fancy drink to suck on all day in place of breakfast, snack and lunch go to Starbucks.  So thank you skinny chicks, my banana chocolate chip loaf is always in supply!  Now if I could just enjoy it…the sight of these cute skinny chicks has made me lose my appetite and want to head to the gym.

Follow-up:  I have iPhone photographic evidence, take a look!

This little snippet of CT is being brought back to life by Cate’s Zombie Posts.

Cool right? Enjoy!

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