I know it’s not the 17th but today, in our house, it is the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  We started having this party about five years ago in our West Coast house in our fabulous neighborhood.  It was a LOT of fun and I will not post those pictures because I want my friends to speak to me again.  When we moved to the East Coast  in the fall of 2008 we were really lucky to find a small but hilarious group of friends who see life the same way we do – a little off center, to be enjoyed and sometimes to be helped with a cocktail or five.  Last year we invited kids, this year we recommended little people stay home.  I think this will better for everyone and our kids won’t be in counseling when they are older.  I am not sure you realize but to me St. Patty’s Day is like a national holiday.  I honor my sweet Grandfather who was the first of his siblings born in the USA and not Ireland.  I honor my mother-in-law who passed away six years ago this week.  She loved a good party.  When living in Boston it was the annual “skip” day at work – at the Purple Rose by noon so you would have a spot for later that evening.  It was fun and wild and the amateurs were out to play, so it was great people watching.  So to all of you Orange or Green enjoy St. Patrick’s Day to it’s fullest.  Wear some green, have a beer and have a fun time.

Getting their green on.

One of our little leprechauns
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