Step 1: Have a party at your house during a hurricane.
Step 2: Lose power about 4 cocktails into the evening.
Step 3: Light candles and pour another cocktail
Step 4: Go to bed assuming all is well in the house.
Step 5: Wake-up and head straight to dunkin’ donuts and purchase a box ‘o coffee (not to be confused with box ‘o wine)
Step 6: Decide you may want to check on the basement and realize it is sparkling at the bottom of the stairs… And then see a plastic sword float past.
Step 7: Wake the grumpy general and break the news…. Exit room quickly
Step 8: Throw away contents of the kids basement playroom while lecturing the benefits of cleaning up after one’s self
Step 9: Remember to use the threat “Don’t forget what happened the last time you didn’t pick-up your toys ”
Step 10: Open wallet to have basement refinished.

See….10 easy steps to a clean basement. Now where is that box ‘o wine, it’s been a very long day.

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