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Have you heard about the website Pinterest? Simmer down, this is NOT a sponsored post. This is an obsession/time suck post. I am in love with Pinterest. Why? Think of Pinterest as an on-line folder of awesome.  It’s like ripping out every cool picture from a magazine and putting it on-line, in one place, and sharing it with people. It’s a virtual story board about anything and everything you love.

Here is my first “board” on Pinterest:

It’s the Wild Man’s bedroom after our big spring re-do.   I actually started the board before we re-did his room.  I could see how it would all look together before I set one foot in a store.  I was hooked.

The other amazing thing about Pinterest is everyone shares their ideas.  The big Lego Bash?  Yes, I found a lot of party info on Pinterest and then re-pinned those amazing ideas to my Lego Party Board.  Pinterest actually saved me time and aggravation so now my time suck/obsession =  productivity.

The best part about Pinterest?  You find stuff like this:

and this:

Need I say anymore?  Now go and join me on Pinterest, all the cool kids are doing it.

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Love

  1. I totally LOVE Pinterest and will make sure I’m following you! The unattended children sign cracks me up – too darn funny.

    Hope you get a chance to visit us this week as we are having a giveaway which we’d love you to win.

    Have a lovely week!



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