St. Patrick’s Day

I know it’s not the 17th but today, in our house, it is the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  We started having this party about five years ago in our West Coast house in our fabulous neighborhood.  It was a LOT of fun and I will not post those pictures because I want my friends to speak to me again.  When we moved to the East Coast  in the fall.. Read More

The Old Soul

My oldest child.  He is special.  They are all special and all equally loved (no matter what everyone says, I do NOT love the Wild One more, he just needs more hugs sometimes).  My oldest child, oldest son, he was a challenge to bring into this world.  A story for a different day because sometimes it is too hard to write about what he and I endured over 12 years.. Read More

The Little Mother

So I have one daughter and she is smack dab in the middle of this crazy family, a brother on either side of her, poor thing.  She is my little chick and I would be lost without her.  When the Wild One was little, we called her the baby whisperer.  Honestly, at 5 she could get her 2 year old brother to stop climbing the walls or running down the.. Read More

Why we don’t eat our own young…

They say babies (animal, people, insects…I am stretching here bear with me..) they are born looking more like their father so he won’t eat his own young.  There are many days I believe the analogy that kids are so cute and look like their dear old Dad (0r Mom) so we won’t throw them away with the trash.  You’d  never believe it but this little guy…he can cause extreme frustration.. Read More

Is this thing on?

So here I am … in the land of young hip kids trying to blog at 41.  Ok, so I am not 41 just yet, but I am one of those people that just bites the bullet and accepts her fate so next month, 41.  Can you tell I am having mid-life age issues?  Just one of the things that may pop-up here along with talking about my 3 kids,.. Read More

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