Hi, My name is Kathryn and I am addicted to Gossip sites

Yes, it is true I love me some Perezhilton (hey, he has GREAT music recommendations) and LaineyGossip (uhm..ok she is obsessed with Jon Hamm and I love that guy..) and probably a hundred other useless sites.  You need to understand something though..I grew-up in a library.  Honestly, it really felt like I lived in a library and my sweet mother was the head librarian.  We often heard “You can’t watch.. Read More

The Kid Needs Speech Therapy

I want to be honest.  My kids, all three, were not pretty talkers when they were little.  In fact all three had speech therapy for a LONG TIME.  Since my beautiful Mother told me I spoke perfectly at the early age of 10 months I am going to throw this over to the General’s side of the family.  It’s what we do …throw the other family under the bus in.. Read More

Spring cleaning the Coastal Chick way

Step 1: Have a party at your house during a hurricane. Step 2: Lose power about 4 cocktails into the evening. Step 3: Light candles and pour another cocktail Step 4: Go to bed assuming all is well in the house. Step 5: Wake-up and head straight to dunkin’ donuts and purchase a box ‘o coffee (not to be confused with box ‘o wine) Step 6: Decide you may want.. Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

I know it’s not the 17th but today, in our house, it is the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  We started having this party about five years ago in our West Coast house in our fabulous neighborhood.  It was a LOT of fun and I will not post those pictures because I want my friends to speak to me again.  When we moved to the East Coast  in the fall.. Read More

The Old Soul

My oldest child.  He is special.  They are all special and all equally loved (no matter what everyone says, I do NOT love the Wild One more, he just needs more hugs sometimes).  My oldest child, oldest son, he was a challenge to bring into this world.  A story for a different day because sometimes it is too hard to write about what he and I endured over 12 years.. Read More

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