Date Night with a bunch of Teenage Boys

Got your attention didn’t I. This post is for all you men out there (ok, it’s probably just The General and maybe one of my friend’s husbands who is nice enough to read this thing). It’s a little bit of advice. Date Night. Please be advised that we chicks (your lady friends) don’t always want to dress-up and go to a fancy place for dinner. NOOOOO. Don’t you remember you.. Read More

The Facts of Life….told by the guys at Myth Busters

I have been dreading telling my oldest boy the facts of life. I honestly think this is something The General should do since he has the moving parts, but the Old Soul will be twelve next month and still NO TALK. Shocking. Now you may think twelve is very late to learn about the facts, but we just told him about the Guy in the Big Red Suit this year.. Read More

My New Favorite

I love this kid.  Selah Sue.  She is great and only 20 and from Belgium.  I remember 20, it was so much fun and you can pull off a horrible haircut like hers and look cute.  Sadly, you cannot find her on iTunes yet so I am including a YouTube video.  My first try, so bear with me. She is also on MySpace with more music so go check it.. Read More

Rookie Mistake

The General and I are having a Mexican stand-off over grocery shopping.  I am sure he has no idea, that is how these things work out for me usually. We once had a stand-off over a vacuum cleaner on the stairwell.  I just wanted to see how many weeks it would take him to put it away.  I would use the thing and put it back on the landing and.. Read More

I know I am late to the party on this one…but I read a really great book

During the famous party killing hurricane we suffered many indignities.  We had no electronics for three whole days.  We had to light the house by candle and flashlight and worst of all we had no hot water.  Of course we had no heat or working refrigerator, but that is when fireplaces and take-out food  come in handy. My children whined and complained.  I whined and complained.  The General whined and.. Read More

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