Starbucks Pastry Case – Photographic Evidence

I know some of you didn’t believe me.  I know you were thinking I was exaggerating the skinniness of my home town.  You silly people..I have PROOF.  11:00am this morning –  FULL pastry case  at the local Starbucks!  Oh, and by the way, during the 20 minutes I was in there only one other person had sustenance. Of course it was my friend  Mrs. M and of course she is.. Read More

Movies and Laundry…yes they do go together

No tunes today.  Today will be movies.  It would be fair to say that my family survives on Mac “n Cheese and Netflix/Roku.  Not one of my proudest Mommy confessions, but there are days that a little movie on-demand and box of processed cheese powder do the trick.   I compensate for these days with other cool amazing Mommy stuff, which I am sure I will make-up and post about at.. Read More

A little follow-up to Strangers

So a reader left a comment, not here, but on Facebook. (Did you know Coastal Chick has a Facebook fan page? Well I do. It’s cool so check it out and become my fan – I would love it!) So anyway, they left a comment with some excellent advice about being a good example for my child and to make sure they don’t just see the lashing out bit. I.. Read More

Advice from Strangers

So this conversation has really happened to me before and not just once. I have heard this conversation many, many times. “ she your oldest?”, the at first seemingly nice lady asked. “No, she is my middle child. My son is the oldest” I replied pointing to the Old Soul. “Ohhhhhh…I am so sorry. He is so tiny”, she whispers as if he won’t hear her and as if we.. Read More

Date Night with a bunch of Teenage Boys

Got your attention didn’t I. This post is for all you men out there (ok, it’s probably just The General and maybe one of my friend’s husbands who is nice enough to read this thing). It’s a little bit of advice. Date Night. Please be advised that we chicks (your lady friends) don’t always want to dress-up and go to a fancy place for dinner. NOOOOO. Don’t you remember you.. Read More

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