November 14 Playlist

The November playlist is finally up. There are a couple of great finds this time – Elle King’s Ex’s & Oh’s is pretty gritty fun.  Love her voice and the odd celebrity fact that her father is comedian Rob Schneider.  The new artist I love on this list is Son Little, he reminds me a bit of Austin’s Gary Clarke, Jr.  Lots of the usual suspects here with new tunes –.. Read More

Dark & Twisty: October 2014 Playlist

 Dark and Twisty.  This month our playlist will have a little dark, a little twisty and a lot of gritty.  October is the month of change as the leaves start to turn and the dark comes earlier each night.  This list is better for sitting by the fire with a Stephen King novel and a big glass of red wine. There are some great tunes on this list – Say.. Read More

…..and we’re back

I took some time off – some much needed, well deserved, brain is dead and needed a re-charge, time off.  Things were put on the back burner and I don’t regret the declined meetings or my abandoned blog.  Summers are for my children and we make the most of every sun soaked second.  Swimming, tennis, water polo, lounging like a pro – we really have this summer vacation thing down.  It.. Read More

June 2014 Playlist

June 10th… not bad considering the crazytown my life is currently.  June 2014 Playlist has a little old school (Classics like Elvis Costello & Joe Jackson), a little trendy (The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack choices) and stuff I just wanted to listen to (favs like Vampire Weekend and Franz Ferdinand).  As usual I am all over the place, but it seems appropriate considering the life I lead. School is letting.. Read More

May 2014 Playlist

 So… it’s May 21st and I am finally throwing up this month’s playlist.  Just in time for Memorial Day – Yeah me! My favorite from this playlist will be easy to spot.  The irishman Hozier has a few songs on this list.  Take Me To Church was the first song I heard from Hozier.  It was on repeat for a couple of weeks before I added the other tunes. Paolo Nutini’s.. Read More

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