Chick Tunes – October 2013

Oct2013PlaylistI will have two playlists for you this month.. or should I say, end of this month.  We’ll start with the monthly list of what I found on my Shazam and later a Halloween list of tunes.

For October it’s a bit of everything.  My two favorites off this list are the very different “Keep You” by Wild Belle and “You Can’t Be Told” by Valerie June.  What can I say, I like variety.

Until my next Shazam dump, ENJOY!



Chick Tunes Tuesday – September 2013 Playlist

BackToSchoolWe are all back to work and school.  Our lives are controlled by practice schedules and homework.  I miss summer.

I have spent a lot of time at my computer creating, reorganizing and dealing with the usual work bologna (you totally expected me to say crap there didn’t you… I love to surprise people).  Creating this month’s playlist took a little longer than usual because I am a fickle girl.  This mix has a little electronic, a few alternative songs-  let’s be honest, it’s all over the place. A couple are here because dear lord these ladies can SING .  Let’s touch base on the latest “it” girl, and I do mean GIRL. Lorde, this little one is only 16 (perspective – my oldest son is 15… ) let’s just chew on that for a minute.   Lorde is a fun one.  I hope she hangs around for a while, she’ll be a great one to watch.

So here it is, FINALLY, the September playlist.  Enjoy!


Pinterest, you suck.

Pinterest seems to enjoy calling a girl out regarding her age. Some of the pins cruising across my board are mocking me and my decrepit old body. Don’t believe me?  Take a look at these:

Fancy Pantries:  How can a pantry remind me of my advanced years? Well, only old ladies (rather… rich old ladies) can afford a pantry like this.  This one makes me drool.  Organization really is sexy to the over 40 set.

Nurseries:  Oh look a sweet beautiful trendy nursery.  When I had my babies we didn’t have the money for the hip things like rugs or  pom pom curtains.  My youngest is almost 10, so thanks Pinterest for daily reminders of my uterus and the CLOSED FOREVER sign hanging there.


Over 40 Haircuts:  When you search “over 40  hairstyles” this beyotch keeps showing up.













The reality of this haircut?

This hair is more Toni Tennile in the muskrat suzy years than sexy cougar.  If you remember that song you are old too.  Welcome to the party, we serve cocktails at 4 and hit the grey hair special by 5.

Bunk Rooms:  I am inexplicably drawn to pins of bunk rooms.  One day it dawned on me, I am planning for my retirement home and grandchildren  Screw you Pinterest.

Crap That Requires the prophylactic use of pain killers:  You got excited because I use the word PROPHYLACTIC didn’t you.  I am actually talking about the need to pop a motrin or vodka soda before you do the following:

Aren’t they pretty?  I can’t walk for days after I wear anything but an orthopedic nurse shoe.


Tennis anyone?  Dope up ladies because over 40 requires some great meds and hours of stretching to stay on the courts.


Feeling frisky?  Careful, you could pull something.

Pinterest, I get it.  I am not the young hot thing you are targeting.  You don’t need to rub it in.  It would be great if you could stop posting pictures like this.  It’s not fair to the old ladies.  I would say it’s cruel to post pictures of these young handsome devils.
Oh. He’s only two years younger than I am?  Carry on Pinterest.  Carry.  On.




Chick Tunes – August 2013 Playlist

IMG_2051My children started summer vacation June 20th.  On 12 pm EST that day I lost all control over my radio, iTunes and Grooveshark.  This summer has been filled with top 40 ear worms.  I wish I could say it was beneath me.  I wish I could say there was absolutely NO CAR DANCING involved in our summer, but I would be lying;  Bold face, ugly lying.  Behold my August Playlist – the best of Summer 2013.  Enjoy!


July 2013 Playlist

IMG_1973I am spending my summer days ruled by the crazy schedules of my children.  My life is not my own, but I have no complaints.  Yes, I am driving an endless, naseau inducing circle of drop-offs and pick-ups but I am also finding my little sliver of bliss.  Days watching my children play tennis, compete in swim meets and water polo matches is my definition of the perfect summer. June, July and August are the months of the sweetest memories.  Sunshine, fresh air, water and laughing kids fill me with happiness.  My work is suffering but my children are happy so the decision is always an easy one.

It’s 90+ degrees here today so even I am driven indoors.  Folks are posting pictures of snowstorms and cool temperatures, but I wouldn’t trade this heat wave for a few flakes and dark days.  This is my first day away from the pool in a week so it’s time to catch-up on my woefully neglected blog.  Here are a few tunes that capture my zen-like love of our laid-back summer in CT.




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