Chick Tune Tuesday: Thanksgiving 2013 Playlist




This Thanksgiving I am grateful for all of you – all probably 10 of you that still read this blog.  Life has been a wild ride lately and I can only seem to manage playlist posts and the occasional rant against Pinterest.  So THANK YOU for hanging around.

To help celebrate the holiday I have a little playlist – great background music for brining the turkey or having a cocktail.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chick Tunes Tuesday – November 2013 Playlist


November has always been a quiet month for me.  Leaves cover the ground.  People are starting to hide in their houses due to the dark skies and colder weather.  It’s a great month to reflect and recharge.

This month the playlist is a mother-daughter creation.  Stuck at only 8 songs and drowning in work I called for my life-line.  M contributed the Christina Grimmie, One Republic, Ellie Goulding & The Neighbourhood tracks to this list.  She’s got a great ear (ok I did say no to a One Direction option, they can’t all be perfect).

I have had this playlist on repeat for the last few days.  Enjoy!



Halloween Playlist 2013



It’s that time again- I present to you the annual Coastal Chick Halloween Playlist!  I love to have a little of everything in this bad boy.  A few Halloween themed songs, some spooky tracks and, as always, horror movie sound tracks.  This is a fun one so grab the candy bowl, light up the pumpkin and enjoy!

Chick Tunes – October 2013

Oct2013PlaylistI will have two playlists for you this month.. or should I say, end of this month.  We’ll start with the monthly list of what I found on my Shazam and later a Halloween list of tunes.

For October it’s a bit of everything.  My two favorites off this list are the very different “Keep You” by Wild Belle and “You Can’t Be Told” by Valerie June.  What can I say, I like variety.

Until my next Shazam dump, ENJOY!


Chick Tunes Tuesday – September 2013 Playlist

BackToSchoolWe are all back to work and school.  Our lives are controlled by practice schedules and homework.  I miss summer.

I have spent a lot of time at my computer creating, reorganizing and dealing with the usual work bologna (you totally expected me to say crap there didn’t you… I love to surprise people).  Creating this month’s playlist took a little longer than usual because I am a fickle girl.  This mix has a little electronic, a few alternative songs-  let’s be honest, it’s all over the place. A couple are here because dear lord these ladies can SING .  Let’s touch base on the latest “it” girl, and I do mean GIRL. Lorde, this little one is only 16 (perspective – my oldest son is 15… ) let’s just chew on that for a minute.   Lorde is a fun one.  I hope she hangs around for a while, she’ll be a great one to watch.

So here it is, FINALLY, the September playlist.  Enjoy!

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