My friend Lisa sent me an invitation on Facebook to attend National NO TECHNOLOGY Day on 10/10/10 (catchy date, right?).  Here is the description:

“A day in which you cannot use technology that has been invented in the last 40 years. No Cell phones, No PDA’s, No IPod, No ITOUCH, No PC’s, No Blackberry, No Xbox, No Playstation, etc… Great day to re-connect with what is really important. Family, Friends, etc.. 10.10.10 Spread the word.”

Here is what I posted on her wall:

“You invited me to a no technology day? I have the shakes just thinking about it..does my iPhone count as technology..crap and my Kindle? Oh..I’m no

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t so sure about this….”

She sweetly said I could opt out of this event since she needed me to write my blog that day so she could read it.  Which was nice, but I think she forgot she will be trapped in a dark quiet home without a computer or cell phone or iPad to read it.  Lisa is a generous gal so I am sure she won’t mind me blogging for the rest of you.

So a little later on her friend commented on our posts, with just this: “Book?’

Well of course I have a book you ding-a-ling…on my KINDLE. So now, I am preparing for the end of days and going to a bookstore, to buy a real book.  I have five months to pull in supplies for the event.  Maybe I will even try cooking for my family that day.  Nope.  No can do, I really can’t get into the spirit of this “No Technology Day”.  How is this chick going to cook without her microwave?  My mind may implode from the anxiety.  It’s too much.  I am off to settle down with a good read on my electronic reading device.

Oh, and by the way, the last time I checked only 26 people were attending.  Good thing this dude planned ahead with the invitation.  It’s going to take 5 months for technology junkies like myself to detox.

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