IMG_1973I am spending my summer days ruled by the crazy schedules of my children.  My life is not my own, but I have no complaints.  Yes, I am driving an endless, naseau inducing circle of drop-offs and pick-ups but I am also finding my little sliver of bliss.  Days watching my children play tennis, compete in swim meets and water polo matches is my definition of the perfect summer. June, July and August are the months of the sweetest memories.  Sunshine, fresh air, water and laughing kids fill me with happiness.  My work is suffering but my children are happy so the decision is always an easy one.

It’s 90+ degrees here today so even I am driven indoors.  Folks are posting pictures of snowstorms and cool temperatures, but I wouldn’t trade this heat wave for a few flakes and dark days.  This is my first day away from the pool in a week so it’s time to catch-up on my woefully neglected blog.  Here are a few tunes that capture my zen-like love of our laid-back summer in CT.




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