I am reorganizing the Coastal Chick…this blog stuff is harder than it sounds people and a total time suck.  Of course I am loving it.  I am getting rid of some pages and reposting the topics I hope to talk about here.  For those of you who have actually read my site page to page (thank you by the way) I am sorry.  Hopefully going forward this layout will be easier.  Thanks!!!

Chick Chatter

I think I will post my daily dribble to chick chatter.

Cooking Chick

Ok, well actually I DON’T Cook, but I will tell you about my many kitchen tragedies and why my husband had to come to the rescue.  My hope is that some of my very talented friends will post some great ideas and recipes on this page. I also throw and excellent party and will try to pass along some easy ideas.  Did you know you could have a dinner party supplied entirely by Trader Joe’s?  No..well you can and it’s yummy.

Designer Chick

I have a very talented friend who helped me re-decorate my house last year.  I am going to strong arm her into posting the newest trends in color and design.  She is great and probably reading this ready to crack me upside the head.  BUT there will be wine involved so I am sure she will help.  I will also post cool things I find in my travels to my design centers also known as Target, Home Goods and TJ Maxx.

Groovy Tunes Chick

I LOVE iTunes. I mean I am really head over in Love with iTunes and people, I spend a LOT of money there.  I am so obsessed with music that I can’t wait for Tuesdays when the new records release on iTunes so I can download them to my very full iPod (which I organize into thematic play lists on my iMac.  Apple, feel free to send me some $$ for your endorsement now because I will be writing about your iStuff for a long time).  Anyway, back to my love of music.  I will try and post what I like or find fun and maybe a playlist or two because honestly, every chick needs a soundtrack to their day.  So turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy!

Reading Chick

I think the Kindle is as important to technology as the wireless phone and baby wipe warmers were to surviving my children’s babyhood.  If you can’t tell, I think the Kindle rocks.  I will warn you now my book recommendations will probably not be high-brow or life altering but they will be fun and quick and maybe a little geeky.  I will also list other rec’s from friends because well only my friends will be reading this thing.  It will be like a bi-coastal book club and hopefully you’ll enjoy the book ideas.  Happy reading!

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