Yes, it is true I love me some Perezhilton (hey, he has GREAT music recommendations) and LaineyGossip (uhm..ok she is obsessed with Jon Hamm and I love that guy..) and probably a hundred other useless sites.  You need to understand something though..I grew-up in a library.  Honestly, it really felt like I lived in a library and my sweet mother was the head librarian.  We often heard “You can’t watch Lost in Space…Dr. Smith is not a nice man” or “People Magazine?!  That is garbage with no educational value!”.  Well ladies and gentlemen, I got out of that house and went straight for the smut, the gossip, the empty calories for the brain and it was heaven.  So now you know I am a gossip junkie and you will understand why I write the next line, because I follow this stuff.

Dear Jesse James (and Tiger Woods and the guy I knew whose wife read his text messages),

You are an idiot!

Thank you,

The Coastal Chick

p.s.  Dear Sandra Bullock…when you realized his ex-wife was a porn star, you should have known this was not going to end well.  Love you anyway for trying and he is still an idiot.

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