The General

The man in charge (well, at least he thinks he’s in charge). This guy is a keeper. He is an excellent chef and not just on his hibachi. He is an amazing Dad, just ask the little people living in this house. He’s a wonderful husband and makes me laugh every day. Don’t tell him all this stuff, we like to keep him guessing.








Our Oldest.

My beautiful step-daughter.  You don’t see her on the Chick often – I have always respected her privacy and believe her story is her own to share and tell.  She’s an amazing daughter and sister, we’re lucky folks.







The Old Soul

My first born, the oldest boy. He’s our techie, book loving, funny man.  When I grow-up I want to be as brave as The Old Soul.










The Little Mother

This little lady is sweet and sarcastic – yes, you can be both. She keeps her brothers in line, her sister informed and has her father wrapped around her finger.










The Wild Man

We like to call him the reason I tied my tubes. I kid, not really. This little fellow is sweet as can be and wild as a monkey. He keeps us on our toes and we wouldn’t have it any other way.










The Pampered Poochie

Libby the Labradoodle. She thinks she is a cat and loves to eat panties. She’s weird and we love her.










The Coastal Chick

My name is Kathryn and this is my crazy family. We’ve lived all over the country, East Coast, West Coast and the Mid-West. One thing I know for sure is I need a Coast in that statement to be happy, so now I am the Coastal Chick. Thanks for stopping by the Chick,