October2015playlistIt has been a wonderfully wild fall here in Connecticut.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny until last week when it dropped from high 80’s to the 50’s.  The beach days are finally over and the trees are reluctantly starting to ready themselves for winter.  Even I am ready for the weather to change.  Large cozy sweaters and comfort food deserve their time to shine (hibernate)

I have some fun songs on this month’s playlist.  My all time, I love it so, play it on 11 is SOB by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.  I am sure it’s not appropriate to be screaming SON OF A BITCH in the high school drop-off line at 7 am with my 15 year old daughter, but we sure do enjoy it.

My other fave, sort of not my usual groove, is HERE by Alessia Cara.  LISTEN to the words folks.  Make your kids LISTEN to her words.  The song is great but I adore the fact that this young woman doesn’t try to fit in, she celebrates the introvert and individual.  My daughter turned me on to Alessia and I am told the entire EP is great.

Here is the SOB video – so good.


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