BackToSchool2015Happy Back To School Everyone!

As usual, I spent our summer 24/7 with my kids.  Carpools, summer jobs, swim meets, water polo tournaments and hours of tennis filled our days.  I soak up every minute I have with these humans I helped create because, as Bjarne Reuter said, “Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up”.  We had a lot of fun, which hopefully will give them the gift of fond memories.

I mark many of my summers by the songs we played full blast while driving to the pool or dancing in the kitchen.  The Summer of 2015 was a bit of a disappointment.  My daughter Maggie and I were discussing the lack of great tunes as I drove her to HIGH SCHOOL (I am still in denial over this newest development) this morning.

While I didn’t feel any driving need to post my monthly playlists since last April, I still created them.  Things here and there struck a chord and made it on my list.  Many times I recycled great old songs or new songs that remind me of my hip chick days.  The 90’s grunge sound seems to be high on that list lately (Wolf Alice on the September 2015 playlist is full of grunge angst).

Today I am posting only two playlists – Chick Summer 2015 and September 2015.  You can find May, June,/July & Chick Kid Summer 2015 (because you can never listen to “I can’t feel my face” too many times) HERE.

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