Mother Roar – My Kids Will Need Therapy

I live in a wealthy town. A VERY wealthy town. Not gonna lie about that fact since it’s easy enough for all of you to find. I live in a town where all children are exceptional, will be Varsity athletes and have a perfect grade point average. My little hamlet has kids scheduled every minute and their helicopter parents help them with their science projects because they are tired from.. Read More

Mother Roar

Last week I had a data dump about how people treat my oldest child. My family always flips out when I post these kind of updates. They worry someone has hurt the Old Soul or his mother. It is never one incident or person that pushes me over the edge, pushing me to put my thoughts to paper (or blog). Sometimes I just need to get it out of my.. Read More

Do Not

Do not try and tell me what my child will be, how long he will be with us.  Do not tell me how I should feel or pretend you know more than I do about his struggles.  Do not downplay his condition or ignore his amazing strength to overcome.  Do not treat my child with less respect or kindness than he deserves.  Do not judge him for his imperfection. Do.. Read More

The Homesick Mommy

Sunday, I dropped off the Little Mother at sleep-away camp.  She will be gone for two weeks, TWO WEEKS! Yes I realize I am yelling at you in internet, but dear Lord – TWO WEEKS!  This hot mess of a plan was not mine. Oh no, remember?  I do not “do” sleep-away camp?  Have we forgotten about this little post? So no, I do not believe in the benefits of.. Read More

Tween Mean Girl

Today was “field day” at the Little Mother’s school.  It’s basically a day where parents sweat and suffer for the credit of showing up and cheering on their offspring. I donned my fanciest pair of flip flops, grabbed my eco-friendly iced coffee and walked to school.  I watched the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade kids shot put their hearts out.  These little titans of sport did the 50 yard dash.. Read More

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