Cancer – The Facebook Edition

I am not ready to talk about some aspects of my cancer.  I am sure I will be ready at some point and I will post about it on The Chick. I found telling people over and over the latest news to be exhausting so I kept everyone in the loop via Facebook posts.  Those seem like a good place to start so here we go…


August 27, 2019

So. Here we go…. I have breast cancer. Very small, caught on a mammogram (so ladies squash those boobies!) so we are hopeful we caught it early and can get rid of every pain in the ass cell. Surgery this Friday then a small break followed by treatments. Cancer picked the wrong mother. All positive vibes and prayers appreciated. #feelingdetermined #50isnotasfunasiexpected

August 29, 2019

I am overwhelmed by the support and love from all of you. I woke today to flowers on my doorstep. I got home from a pre-op procedure to find this amazing bracelet waiting for me. Your countless messages, texts and cards keep me on course. Thank you for your kindness. I am ready for surgery tomorrow. I am ready to fight like a mother. #cancerpickedthewrongchick


August 30, 2019

Surgery done . Good news the lymph nodes were clear – yeah! On to the next step – kill any cells that are left. #fightlikeamother #cancerpickedthewrongchick #painmedsareNICE

September 23, 2019

Chemo haircut

September 23, 2019

Not gonna lie – this was my first really rough day. When the surgeon says he needs to “make a tunnel” for your port just assume it’s gonna hurt. #passthepercocet #willbeworthitintheend


September 25, 2019

Day 1 – had a nice nap and on my last meds. Everyone is lovely and they bring snacks!! Thank you to @newpantsandanap and @kirbyandcompany for helping me find my chemo bag and the goodies inside. #cancerkicker #1st treatment @ Bennett Cancer Center – Stamford Hospital

October 2, 2019

2 Down. 10 to go. #kickingcancersass

October 8, 2019

#3 DONE!! Lots of chemo pals today, which made it go by very quickly. Thank you my friends. #cancerasskicker @ Bennett Cancer Center

October 15, 2019

Chemo #4 done!! Good day today – I had a hilarious nurse Holly who I give an A rating to on her accessing port technique. I have a new chemo quilt passed on to me by my friend Sara‘s Mom Betsy. This quilt has helped a lot of women kick some serious breast cancer ass so a big Thank You to Betsy for loaning her to me!  My friend Michelle kept me company so Joe Doran could step out and do some work. We had some hilarious cribbage games today. Two things of note – my mathematical abilities are pretty awesome while medicated and Benadryl through a port still makes me act like a toddler on day 3 of no naps with a swearing problem. Michelle I appreciate you tucking me in and turning off the lights after I fell asleep mid-sentence.

Having cancer is no treat but people, especially the ones I am honored to know and love, make things a little bit easier and I am very lucky. Ladies – don’t forget – go get your lovely cleavage checked, it could save your life. Xo

During the week this happened….

October 21, 2019

It was time. Big thanks to my pal Andrea for the shave and the love. 2nd photo sums up this house lately. Lastly, I would like to let my parents know – I have a FLAT SPOT on the back of the head. #3rdchildproblems #theyobviouslydidntrotateme #fckcancer

October 22, 2019

Bald head power activate! Chemo #5 They moved me to the presidential suite today – I had my own bathroom – so fancy. #fckcancer

October 29, 2019

Chemo #6. Halfway. #fckcancer #wegotthis

October 30, 2019

Most days I do ok and find the upside of this crazy cancer crap (I mean it is pretty awesome not to have to shave my legs anymore) but yesterday was rough. I woke up , and chemo had been moved to the afternoon and Joe had a work call right when I needed to be heading to treatment so Zen was out the window. But then I got to check in and met some patients who made me laugh. My nurse was great and Nurse Holly found out i was there and gave me my pre-chemo hug. And then Olga and Carolyn came to visit and kept me company while Joe was doing carpool duty and I felt 1000% better. Pity Party over – back to the positives for example, if you want to know family secrets visit me during my Benadryl infusion – I will incoherently tell you anything. Also. When you lose your hair you lose it all – I am now bathing suit ready at all times. Also – if some ninja dr tries to spring a surprise colonoscopy on me – I. Am. Ready. So thank you to everyone for checking on me and just being there. It makes a difference #ittakesavillagetokickcancersass

During this time I tried lots of head covering options…. SO MANY…

November 5, 2019

chemo #7! #fckcancer #wegotthis Also – Don’t forget to vote today!

November 12, 2019

CHEMO #8 !!! 2/3rds of the way done! #fckcancer #myboobstriedtokillme The last two weeks have been rough…. but a big thank you to everyone who has taken me (or offered) on walks, checked in on me and kept us fed. I am very lucky to have so many people supporting me. So. Let’s get excited – only 4 more to go!!!!

November 18, 2019

No chemo tomorrow – instead I am going to stay in bed with an ear infection, sinus infection and ruptured ear drum. Tilly feels bad for me so she is giving me kisses. Hopefully with a couple of days of antibiotics I will be able to have chemo later this week. Stay healthy my friends #hurtlikeamofo #fckcancer

November 20, 2019

Some antibiotics and some rest and I am back in the chair. Take that HER2+ cancer. Benadryl is kicking in – things are getting interesting

November 26, 2019

Chemo #10 – only 2 more to go!!!!! Thank you Susie for your amazing work as my chemo buddy today. I appreciate you so much – I am sure it’s a treat sitting in the dark listening to the sweet soothing sounds of me snoring like a trucker passed out from Benadryl. XO #chemoisbetterwithfriends. #fckcancer.

December 3, 2019

11 done – One To Go!!!! I can see the finish line on this portion of my treatment, which is so exciting. My Dr visited me today during Chemo and gave me an amazing pep talk. Done in a week then a nice Holiday break before radiation starts in January. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement – it’s been an enormous help over these last few months. Big to Christine for being my chemo buddy this week. Love you!

December 12, 2019

#12 CHEMO DONE!!! Phase 1 complete. I get a break for the holidays and then we start Radiation. I will continue to receive Herceptin infusions every 3 weeks until next September. I am sure my oncologist has more exciting plans for me as well, he’s fun like that. Thank you to Emily and Joe Doran for keeping me company at my last chemo. Sorry I started coughing and they decided I was having a reaction to the chemo and you were kicked out while they pumped more meds into me. All good. I was and am fine. Time to pop the holiday bottle of bubbly to celebrate (maybe after a nap!).


December 17, 2019

Special buddy today Margeaux is home from college and spent the morning keeping me company. Herceptin & Radiation prep Now just hanging out with my other little girl #doodlesnuggles #fckcancer @ Bennett Cancer Center – Stamford Hospital

January 2, 2020

Working towards turning my left lady lump into my own personal glow stick. #radiation1of18

January 9, 2020

Left Lady Lump update : currently glowing Downside my eyelashes finally fell out (chemo the gift that keeps on giving) Upside still don’t have to shave my legs. #radiationjanuary

January 22, 2020

15 done – 3 to go!!! #shinelikeadiamond #ladylumpsglow

January 27, 2020

Hip Hip Hooray – I finished radiation today!! I will still need herceptin infusions every 3 weeks until September and hormone therapy but it feels great to have this step DONE!! #surgerychemoradiation @ Bennett Cancer Center – Stamford Hospital

February 5, 2020

Welcome to hair watch 2020!!! It’s going to be exciting kids. When will it come back? What color will it be? Curly? Straight? Stay tuned to find out. #chinhairsgrowbackfirst

February 18, 2020

Herceptin Day! #every3weeks #februaryvacation2020 @ Hematology Onco

March 10, 2020

Herceptin Day – making sure not even one cell is left in my body. #pewpewpew

March 31, 2020

Hanging with the nurses at Bennet Cancer Center- trying not to touch my face. #herceptinday🌸

April 21, 2020

Herceptin Day! #every3weeks #thankyoustamfordhospital

May 12 & 14, 2020

Today vs Tuesday. Both are great days because I am here to enjoy them. #herceptintuesday #breastcancer

June 19, 2020

Hair watch summer 2020. Girl with the curls. #chemohairgrowth

June 23, 2020

New mask – who dis? #herceptinday

July 8, 2020

It was humid in CT today. My hair was…. confused and then she tried to show off. #seanstillhasbetterhair #chemohair


July 16, 2020

Last Herceptin Infusion.

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