September2014playI took some time off – some much needed, well deserved, brain is dead and needed a re-charge, time off.  Things were put on the back burner and I don’t regret the declined meetings or my abandoned blog.  Summers are for my children and we make the most of every sun soaked second.  Swimming, tennis, water polo, lounging like a pro – we really have this summer vacation thing down.  It was one of my favorite summers and I savored every minute spent with my kids.  These days are fleeting and I am one lucky chick to be able to shut-off and give them my undivided attention.  Summer vacation was terrific, but now I’m back and ready for something new.

September Playlist is below with a few extra tunes to make-up for the missing July & August lists.  I think my favorite from this group is River by Ibeyi.  These gals (identical twins btw) are great.


School is back in session and so is the chick.  Rock on.


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