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Day 4 – Stalking…honestly, that was the assignment

My assignment for today is to “study” (read STALK) top blogs in my niche.  Ah yes, my niche.  Honestly people I have NO idea how you would categorize this blog.  I have been told I am a Mommy Blogger, but that seems like a very narrow description.  Why can’t I be a domestic goddess, comedy routine in the kitchen, Mom of three wacky kids, one with special needs who likes.. Read More

Tagline… do you have one? (31DBBB – Day 1)

You may have noticed a new little button near the bottom left of my blog. I joined the ProBlogger 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge with the SITS girls. What? Did I just speak French to all of you? Why yes, yes I did. So here is how this thing works, or you can just skip to the funny stuff below if you would like, I am using the.. Read More

The Perfect Heart

When the Old Soul was five days old the night nurse noticed he was turning blue in the hospital nursery and put him in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Yes, we were still in the hospital five days after my c-section. It’s a story for another day after many cocktails and a little courage. It’s not something I like to dwell on it was so horrible. I had the same.. Read More

Book Review – Little Bee

I just finished Little Bee by Chris Cleave at 3 am this morning. Why on earth was I reading at 3 in the morning?  Well I had woken up from a nightmare, which I won’t share, because I am pretty sure it was in response to Little Bee. Little Bee is NOT a horror novel, but there are terrible horrible things that happen in this story that stay with you… Read More

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