IMG_0773Hi, I’m Kathryn.  Welcome to the Coastal Chick.  I am a Mom, Wife, Failed Dog Whisperer, Book Lover, Music Lover and Writer (does blogging count? …I say yes because writer makes me sound wicked smart). I talk about my life with a family of three kids, one of whom has health and learning challenges.

I recently became a work at home mom.  I work in Social Media and it’s sort of the perfect gig.  I work for my husband’s company, Rallyverse.  Let’s be clear, working for your spouse is not for sissies.  I am also the Founder of a Social Media Consulting business, Coastal Chick Media.  We work with individuals and small companies in the areas of social media, branding, newsletter creation and website design.

If you want to know a little bit more about me please check out my Pinterest board that describes 10 random and useless facts about me.  I have zero free time so it only makes sense that I also write a humor blog with my best friend.  Be warned, it’s a little bit saucy.  The Saucy Bits. The Bits is currently on hiatus, we’ll see if we bring her back.  I contribute to numerous other blogs and communities.  Visit my Blog Love page for more information. Thanks for stopping by the chick,