After listening to the Rainy Day mix and talking to my dear friend from Washington this afternoon, I was feeling a little homesick for the West Coast.  I thought I would show everyone proof that it really does rain, well a steady mist actually- ALL THE TIME – but Pacific NW folks are hearty.  They can take it.  A little rain doesn’t hold them back and they rally.

They suffer through this..

First Day of School Under the Umbrella

And three months later when it is still misting, they don’t even blink an eye.

Christmas Card Photo Session - with Umbrella

Because the months of misty rain are worth it.  When the sun finally shines, the Pacific NW (in my humble opinion) is one of the most beautiful places to live.  Views like this make it worth the wait.

Deception Pass Washington

The anti-depressants, jitters from gallons of coffee and the chaffing from our fleece jackets really aren’t that big a deal.

So in remembering her home for almost a decade, this chick is sending a little love from the East Coast to her other love, the Pacific Northwest.


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