Beach Day!

Today was a beach day – the first official, get a sunburn, kids make a mess of your car, flip-flop wearing beach day. I love this little town for it’s very tiny but very convenient beaches. I drove up to the front row of the parking lot, threw out the kids, laid out our gear and sizzled. Ahhhhhh. Happy Chick and Chicklets. It really was a Good Friday. Here was.. Read More

The General

Having grown-up on the East Coast, and more specifically the Northshore of Massachusetts, I really felt “Is there even a need to live anywhere else?” I loved living in Massachusetts and was one of those gals that felt the entire western part of the state (ie..too long to drive to the beach for a day visit) was really a waste. I mean have you been to Worcester? (pronounced Woos-ta…please people,.. Read More

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