The Preppy Pampered Poochie

This puppy here – she healed my heart. The General let me get this little girl about four years ago after my heart was broken when we had to put down my first baby (please note, the actual baby in the picture below was not put down). Ranger was this huge chocolate lab, with obviously terrible table manners.  We loved him.  I loved him the most.  He stood watch over.. Read More

Starbucks and the Skinny Chicks

I will be the first to admit there is some extra plumage (ok..a whole lot of extra) on this chick.  I like to eat and need to exercise and it’s on my to do list…I swear.  I am telling you this to be honest… I am NOT a skinny chick.  Where I live, there are a LOT of skinny chicks.  There are so many skinny chicks that the closest Lane.. Read More

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