I Love Target

I LOVE Target.  Well, let me re-phase that.  I LOVE most Targets.  The Target near my house is a sad excuse for a Target (too many rich people here so they obviously didn’t take us hardcore Targeters into account).  My Target has a PARKING GARAGE..where you have to PAY MONEY to shop for deals.  Only in Fairfield County CT would people think this is ok.  Then to add insult to.. Read More

Decorating for the Party

I know it has been a week since the ill-fated St. Patty’s Day party but I have a few fun pictures I wanted to post.  Sadly the party was a little bit of a bust due to the small hurricane that caused people to cancel and then the whole power outage thing.  But before the party I did a little set-up and since the food part was left to The.. Read More

House Keeping

I am reorganizing the Coastal Chick…this blog stuff is harder than it sounds people and a total time suck.  Of course I am loving it.  I am getting rid of some pages and reposting the topics I hope to talk about here.  For those of you who have actually read my site page to page (thank you by the way) I am sorry.  Hopefully going forward this layout will be.. Read More

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